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Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn computer science

CSEd Botswana Hour of Code

Hour of Code will engage students and teachers in Botswana and show that everyone can learn to code.  

On March the 14th of 2024, CSEdBotswana, an initiative in the Faculty of Maths and Science Education at the University of Botswana will provide an opportunity for students and teachers in Botswana secondary schools to engage in an hour of code event. The aim of the activity is to broaden participation in computing and sensitize the community by showing that anyone can learn the basics of computing in a fun and easy way. Through this activity, CSEdBotswana will reach all the 34 sub-regions in Botswana, over 6000 students, over 200+ schools, 400 teachers.

Be a creator not just a user!

14th March 2024

Hour of Code Activity Content plan designed by CSEd Botswana

1)Primary Schools Training Content: Primary schools will be introduced to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning using materials. Students will engage in learning to train AI machines by training it to recognise certain objects, along with exploring ethical considerations related to AI.

2)Junior Secondary Schools: Junior secondary schools will explore the fundamentals of programming and coding through Using a block-based programming language, students will gain hands-on experience in controlling the interaction of emoji characters, incorporating concepts such as variables, input, output, and if-conditionals and also using Setswana and other indigenous languages in some instances.

3) Senior Secondary schools: Senior secondary students will acquire programming and coding skills using a text-based programming language (Hedy). The programming language will be available in both Setswana and English, providing students with the opportunity to create a system that depicts the interaction between a buyer and a seller within their cultural context using their language.

 Botswana's Minister of Education and Skills Development

The Hour of Code 2024

On 14th March, the Hour of Code took place in Botswana. We supported teachers to run hour-long activities with their students to increase their awareness of and interest in coding and computing. Schools in all areas of Botswana participated by using the materials that we had prepared to make sure no school is left behind. 

Botswanan teachers have dedicated themselves to engaging with this initiative and providing their students with opportunities to learn about coding and computing. Here are some photos of the teachers preparing to teach an Hour of Code and supporting their students to learn new digital skills. 

Here are some of our amazing facilitators arriving at their destination schools. These schools are in a variety of different areas in Botswana, from rural to urban.

The Training for Hour of Code 2024

We trained 400 teachers during the month of February in three impactful ways: 

  1.  Access videos and written content featuring Hour of Code materials; 

  2. Engage in interactive online training sessions; and 

  3. Participate in face-to-face training sessions. 

Our comprehensive approach ensured that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively introduce computer science education in Botswana. We do acknowledge the challenges of ICT connections in some instances.

Teachers Training Pictures